Partnership ECMI-MLI



Mitspa house was founded by

the European Christian Mission International

in partnership with

Missio Link International.



European Christian Mission International

ECMI is an international mission which works in Europe. Its mission is to meet both spiritual needs and other fundamental needs as far as possible. In addition to church planting, ECM works in many locations in Europe showing Christ‘s love through social action projects. To accomplish its mission, ECM works in partnership with NGOs from the countries where it is involved.

Our values:

At every level across the mission we commit ourselves to practicing these values in everything we do.



We value a life oriented to God, where courageous faith, prayer and the Bible are the basis of all we do as a mission.


We are committed to integrity and mutual respect in our relationships, that we might be known for loving and caring for each other as we work towards our common vision.


We believe in participating actively and creatively in God’s mission as we reach out to the peoples of Europe through the establishment of new communities of Jesus followers.


We are committed to working and learning together, as teams, fields and national sections, and through partnerships with others, in pursuit of our common purpose.

These four values – a life oriented to God, integrity and mutual respect in our relationships, mission to the peoples of Europe through church planting, and collaboration are the core values of ECM.  They are expressed in simple, modern language as UP, IN, OUT, TOGETHER.





Missio Link international

 Founded in January 2001 by a group of dedicated Romanian Christians, MLI together with enthusiastic international partners acknowledges and addresses both spiritual and physical needs of the Romanian people through two ministries:


  • Church Development – MLI assists churches in their mission through three programs: Church Partnering, Leadership Development and Alpinis Camps and Retreats.
  • Children at Risk – MLI addresses the physical and spiritual needs of the most disadvantaged categories in Romania: children at risk.

Missio is a Latin word used to speak of the “mission of God,” that is, missio Dei. As a name, Missio Link International precisely reflects the calling and vision of the MLI team to participate in God’s mission to His Church and to the World by fostering partnerships between Christians, churches and organisations, aimed at Christian witness, edification and service to those in need.

Our Values

  • Glorify God
  • People and relationships – God has called us to work in partnership with Christ, through the Spirit, and therefore in partnership with each other, across borders, races and continents.
  • Serving community and personal needs – we are preoccupied to alleviate both spiritual and physical needs of the people we serve.
  • Church and its mission – we endeavor to work as an arm of Christ’s Church, with and through local churches.
  • Christian belief, values and morals – we confess and promote the evangelical faith, and adhere to the Statement of Faith of the Evangelical Alliance of Romania.



What does C.A.R mean? – Children at risk ministries

We are here to serve the spiritual and material needs of the neediest of us all – the children, young people and families at risk. Through our programs and services, we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus and this way stop the cycle of abuse, exploitation and poverty, for them to have a better and more dignified life, and us all a beautiful future. We believe that only God has the right of life and death.

The Missio Link International Foundation (MLI) serves all children, regardless of their religion or ethnicity.