If walls could talk…

Casa Mitspa wants to be a place of welcome which offers education, encouragement and motivation for our young mums. We want to use all the means in our possession to this end. This is why we have united our efforts to achieve our objective while developing the agreeable, friendly atmosphere of  home.

Each room now has an encouraging message for the mothers.

There is just one magnificent child in this world… and he/she belongs to each mother!

Never lose the opportunity to tell your child, ‘I love you!’

Your child: a wonder, a hope, a new beginning!

In the visiting room, there is a message in English this time which is an encouragement to see each child as special as a beautiful flower!

In the ‘library’ corner we have another message which encourages the mums to read but also to develop this practice in their children: A child who reads will become an adult who thinks…

In the activities room, the walls also speak, helping the mums to realize how important positive words are in the development of their children.

Children become what they are told they are. ‘Good’, ‘courageous’, ‘loving’, ‘kind’, ‘persevering’…

We hope that through these few photos we have given you a little taste of what we want to experience and live in Mitspa House. Now we just wait for our first beneficiaries to arrive!

Welcome to Mitspa House!

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