Artists at work

For some time we’ve been thinking about the decoration of the house. Our desire is that the young mothers and children who come can benefit from a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We want to offer them a peaceful and secure haven in the midst of the turmoil of their lives. It was while we were thinking about this that a young student called Gabi crossed our path. Gabi finished her 2nd year at the Faculty of Arts. After hearing about the Casa Mitspa project, she offered her services there and spent two full days working with us!

First of all she began by decorating our activities room:

Then with the help of Andreea, she got to work on our beneficiaries rooms so that each baby could have a picture over his or her cot.

A big thank you to Gabi and Andreea for your enthusiasm and the use of your talents!


At the same time, we want to thank our friends from Richfield in the United States and from Schorndorf in Germany for their gifts of all those tubes of acrylic paint.

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