Material sent from Germany!

Armin, a kind friend of Casa Mitspa, has given himself the job of transporting different items of furniture and other household articles (crockery, cots, bed linen…) all the way from Germany to Romania (and Bulgaria)!

He’s been here twice over the past few weeks bringing us cupboards and chairs we needed for the office and chairs for the dining room and the actvities’ room!

He has also brought us a number of boxes of toys, clothes, dishes and baking tins as well as cots for the babies.

What we appreciate with Armin is that he never leaves us to put together the furniture, he never departs until everything is reconstructed!

We want to extend our most grateful thanks to the Church of Schorndorf and our friends in Nauendorf for their generosity with many thanks to Armin and his daughter for all their hard work on our behalf

Have a nice trip to Bulgaria!

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