New action with Sustainalytics

In December we were recontacted by several employees of the firm Sustainalytics in Timisoara who wanted to spend another day working at Casa Mitspa ! When they came in August they repainted two hallways and part of the stair-well. At the time we went from dark pink to a much lighter shade of cream !
Their suggestion encouraged us to repaint the remaining three rooms which were still purple and red 🙂

We set to work preparing the walls the day before they arrived so that they could start painting straightaway. Many thanks, Lauren, our volunteer from the US, for all your help!

The workers from Sustainalytics undertook the task with good humor and enthusiasm!

A big thank you to each of you for your commitment and your smiling face!

Once the walls were dry, we had other volunteers of all ages 🙂 (two of whom came from Germany), to help us clean up and put all the furniture back into place.

So now our last three rooms have been repainted:

Many thanks again to all our volunteers, both young and old, who devoted themselves to transforming the house into a pleasant home to live in, with special mention of the team from Sustainalytics who we want to thank not only for your commitment to the work but also for your gifts of clothes and household linen ! We are so grateful to each one of you!

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