Help from France!

In December 2017, two churches in France decided to organise a fund-raising event in aid of Casa Mitspa ! It was a great encouragement for us to know that folks so far away had thought of us and were doing […..]

New action with Sustainalytics

In December we were recontacted by several employees of the firm Sustainalytics in Timisoara who wanted to spend another day working at Casa Mitspa ! When they came in August they repainted two hallways and part of the stair-well. At […..]

Christmas Fair

In December, as well as all the steps we had to take applying for the fire department authorization, we spent much time and effort making handicrafts , biscuits and jam to sell at the Christmas Fair held in the Iulius […..]

Volunteers’ day with Sustainalytics

The company Sustainalytics from Timisoara organizes two and a half days a year of voluntary service for its employees. On one of these days they chose to come and help in the projects of the Missio Link International Foundation. So […..]

Getting the house ready

For the past few weeks we have been busy getting the house ready. We’ve been arranging and furnishing the bedrooms and thanks to several special gifts for wardrobes and bedside tables, we’ve at last got all the things we need […..]

Thank you all!

The building firm hasn’t finished all the work on the house yet but we are happy because our first made-to-measure cupboard was put up a few days ago! Thanks to you and your generosity, we’re at last going to be […..]

Progress on the house

For the past few weeks, a building firm has been working on the house to bring it up to hygiene and safety standards. It’s taking a long time especially as the builders are working on several sites at the same […..]

10 Kms for Mitspa House!

On April 23rd 2017, Matthias Radloff, a pastor in Switzerland, took part in the race « 20 km around Lausanne » by running 10 km in support of  Mitspa House ! He spent several weeks in training beforehand and found people […..]

Easter markets

During the month of March, we were once more busy making things (cards, strings of hearts, key-rings…), biscuits and jam for the Easter markets. Several volunteers came to help us both make and sell them ! It was a great occasion […..]

A fund-raising event

In Romania we celebrate the first day of spring on March 1st and it’s the custom to offer young girls and women a little brooch or symbolic gift. Small markets are organised especially to buy and sell these “martisoare”.  A […..]