Ana’s letter


I am entirely agreed with you on the subject of abortion. And yet, I myself have had one. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in all my life and I want to tell you what happened.

My boyfriend and I fell in love, we had sexual relations and I became pregnant. My mother noticed something was wrong and took me to see the doctor who told me I was 6 weeks pregnant. On hearing this my mother told me I would have to have an abortion and she also fixed the date. At the clinic, I talked to a counsellor who told me my baby would never be adopted. Who could I turn to? My father and mother wanted nothing to do with my pregnancy. They stopped me from seeing my boyfriend and the clinic told me my baby would never be adopted because of its origins. Let me ask you this question: what would you have done in my place? I had nowhere to go and no money. Would you have taken me into your home? Would you have paid the doctor’s fees and all the expenses?

echographieI wish I had never had that abortion. I remember looking at the doctor when he had finished the operation and I saw him put the baby in a plastic bag that he threw into the bin. Can you imagine how much that hurts? Haven’t you ever lost someone you loved to the very depths of your being? I have lived through that experience and I can tell you

I’m not proud of what I did.

I know some women don’t care about their children. They could have maybe 5 abortions a year and it wouldn’t make any difference, but for me it was not like that. I did care about my baby and if I’d had somewhere to go or had known someone who cared about me and my child, perhaps it would never have happened. My baby should have been born this month…

It still hurts me just as much whenever I hear mention of an abortion. I am deeply affected and saddened every time…What I want to say to you is that “it does much more harm than you would ever imagine.”

Thank you for reading this letter. Think about what I’ve said. You are opposed to abortion but are you yourself ready to help women and teenagers who haven’t got any money or anywhere to go? Please will you think about it?

Thank you,