femme-criseHaving worked for the past few years with women with unwanted pregnancies, we have been confronted with many serious problems. Besides needing moral and spiritual support, these women also need a place to stay where they can come to terms with their situation and be protected from family pressure. For some of them it is a real nightmare either from the moment they find themselves pregnant or when they decid to end the pregnancy. Their families put pressure on them to have an abortion and sometimes they find themselves thrown out on the street. Without a safe place to offer them our help is very limited.

Casa Mitspa offers a safe place to live for 

  • Pregnant mothers needing protection from family pressure to abandon their babies
  • Homeless mothers and their babies
  • Mothers without emotional support and resources



How Casa Mitspa aims to help women at risk:

  • By offering them a place of refuge and security.
    • By providing specific help according to their needs, such as preparing for their baby’s arrival.
    • Giving practical advice on bringing up children, health education and diet.
    • Helping them to become autonomous (to work out a budget, complete a training course, or find work…)
    • By sharing our faith and showing them the love of God in a practical and concrete way.